Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Building a new home, renovating or does your garage door make the rest of your home look drab?

A new garage door will make an enormous difference to the final appeal of your home. In many cases it can be 50 percent of what people see, if not more, as they pass or arrive at your home. Be it a subtle finish or something with its own personality, whatever your taste and budget we have the design ideas, practical attention, materials and expertise to make your garage door something to feel proud of every time you arrive home.

Glide Roll Doors offer 3 types of doors for your garage. Not sure which type is the one for you? The following points may help you out otherwise please call us today and we will gladly discuss your particular requirements.

Why choose a custom garage door?

  • Multitude of designs, adds beauty and individuality to your home
  • Attractive inside and out! Unique design with a double sided channel means no unsightly reinforcing required
  • Heavy duty strong 2mm aluminum solid frame
  • Expertly handmade
  • Wide selection of material
  • Frames are weather resistant so wont rust, peel or fade. Ideal for coastal areas
  • Face fixed panels or inserted into the aluminum frame
  • Whether it is the finish, the texture or the color a Tower Custom Door allows you to design a door that suits your own personal style.
  • 5 year Glide Roll Doors manufacturer warranty

Why choose a sectional Colorbond door?

  • Lightweight stylish garage door option
  • Simple designs to choose from
  • Window options to allow light in
  • Made of durable Australian made Colorbond steel
  • Available in the full Colorbond steel color range
  • Design allows for maximum opening clearance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty

Why choose a Colorbond roller door?

  • Most affordable option
  • Suits most garage openings
  • Made from roll formed seamed sheets of durable Colorbond steel
  • Available in the full Colorbond steel color range
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty